Sales Strategies of Sub Brands


  • Mr. Rakesh N

  • Dr. M S Ranga Raju



Customer is the center of any business in the present business world. The products are evolving every day to meet the changing customer demand, so as the company strategies. Brand image is playing a key role in the sales of the product. Brand evo-lotion is important to keep brands fresh, vital, and relevant to the contemporary market (Merrilee#x2019;s, 2005)). Brands are now being extended to sub-brands to leverage the master brand image, thereby increasing the sales. Therefore, the sales strategies must be adapted according to the brands and sub brands to stay competitive in the market. There is very less literature on the topic of sales strategies, subbrands and how to design sales strategies for sub-brands.The purpose of this article is to summarize the research done in the field of sales strategy and sub brands. The first and second part gives an insight about the literature of sales strategies and sub-brands. In the consecutive parts proposal for further research will be recommended on the topic of developing sales strategies for sub brands.

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Sales Strategies of Sub Brands