The resilient response of corporate objectives of most firms to the applied strategies, resulting in customers’ dissatisfaction and non realization of firms’ corporate financial goals, warranted this study. The study examined holistic service marketing strategies concepts. The conceptualized holistic service marketing strategy variables are interactive/integrated, internal and external/relationship strategies while technology is the moderating variable. Firms’ corporate objectives variables are customers’ satisfaction, measured by service quality, market share, return on owners’ investment, customers’ loyalty and profitability. Sample size was determined using Taro Yeman’s formula. Demographic and primary data were obtained through interview and from questionnaire administered to four hundred (400) respondents made up of customers and staff of five service firms namely: banks, electric power companies, Insurance firms, Petrol stations and Gas companies located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt; through cluster sampling method. Pilot survey and Cronbach’s Alpha were used to confirm the validity and reliability of the study respectively and their variables of measures. Four (4) hypotheses were tested using Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient(r), multiple regression and partial correlation analyses to determine the strength of relationships and the effects of moderating variable respectively. Consequently the following major findings among others were obtained: (1) there was positive and significant relationship between holistic service marketing strategy and customers’ satisfaction. (2) There was positive and significant relationship between customers’ satisfaction and profitability with technology moderating them. We conclude that only holistic service marketing strategies could guarantee sustainable customers’ satisfaction and in turn realize corporate objectives. We recommend among others that firms should adopt holistic service marketin

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