Travel from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing


  • Yakup Durmaz

  • Ibrahim Halil Efendioglu



digital marketing, search engine marketing, social marketing, online marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization, SEO, SEM, PPC


Lately, with the information technology improvements and broad band internet service spreading, speed of access to shopping sites get high. Because of these changes, companies unavoidably entered to digital environment. Thus, while communication rules change, field and definition of marketing changes too. With the development of IT technologies, traditional marketing methods leave sits place to digital day by day. Companies which follow technology can easily communicate with customers interactively while providing products or services. Like in the traditional marketing, in digital marketing, building well communication with customers, deter mining their needs and requests are crucial. While companies using digital marketing make difference with dual communication, others who don#x2019;t get involved in this race, become distanced from competition gradually. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is reaching the target audience in right way with using social media and search engines. This study tries to explain digital marketing periods and advantages, experienced transition and difference between traditional and digital marketing.

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Yakup Durmaz, & Ibrahim Halil Efendioglu. (2016). Travel from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing. Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 16(E2), 35–40.

Travel from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing