Negative Crime in the Saudi Law


  • Dr. Yaser Salim Alqurashi




Crimes after all is a crime and these are committed almost everywhere without fail with varies rate High crime rate in any society may cause challenges for inhabitants to live peacefully But all the crimes are not similar in nature There are many different types of crimes and sub-categories within them including positive crimes and negative crimes Positive and negative crimes both have pillars and nexus and these negative acts lead to consideration of the crime and execution of the punishment Punishment works as deterrent if not a cure to the social harmony in an otherwise just society This paper has multifold objectives such as an explanation of the elements and traits of the harmful crime make clear the dangers of passive crime and defining the difference between silence that is not criminal and silence that is criminal or is seen as criminal participation Finally it covers the strategies for preventing and reducing negative crimes followed by conclusion and recommendation


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Dr. Yaser Salim Alqurashi. (2022). Negative Crime in the Saudi Law. Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 22(G1), 45–51.

Negative Crime in the Saudi Law